Somos que somos

written for the Daily Prompt:  Que Sera Sera

Don’t quote me on this.  Its not a fact.  But we are what we are.  It doesn’t matter how much you look like a downs syndrome alien, how irritating your lisp is, how clever you are, or how confident.  It doesn’t matter how much money you have, or how many degrees you hold.  It doesn’t matter how many marathon’s you run or if you climbed Mount Everest.  There is a cloud hovering over each of us, shaped by our childhood, that cloud is destiny, and the real substance of what rains down on us is determined almost completely by what happened to us in our most influential years.  Though we may have free will in principle to change the substance of the rain of destiny, its harder than most people are able to do.  Somos que somos.

15 thoughts on “Somos que somos

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