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Its a lesson I keep on learning about, from others.  They are not aware they are teaching it to me.  This week, my friend Ido taught me this lesson.  Ido is one of those guys who used to hang out with my circle of cousins.  Just a friend he was.  A funny guy, he fit right in with us.  As we got older, (now all between 30 and 40) and didn’t hang out so much anymore – because some got married, all got jobs –  and free time became a seriously rare commodity, we kind of lost physical touch with each other and friendships morphed to facebook-ships.

Not long ago, maybe 3 months or so, I remember a series of facebook posts from him about being very unhappy about working on all the lovely sunny public holidays while others were having fun and joy in the sun.  And then posting about having a wonderful single day off.  He was a crazy happy straightforward person, stuck in the ratrace.  Then I noticed his posts were starting to dwindle.   A couple of weeks ago, he posted about being in hospital, and last week about being home and going for a drive which he’d been dreaming about for weeks, and then about wishing his painkillers kicked in soon.  He had undergone a very serious surgery to remove a mass from his brain.  Two days ago he died while in recovery.

I keep on learning this lesson from other people.  It keeps on dramatizing itself to me.


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