A responsible dad?


He would make a perfect partner right?  Maybe not.  Maybe he couldn’t be bothered to even fit you in anywhere.  Can’t bother to take you out but ask you if you’ve made supper since he is hungry.  Maybe he spends the whole sunshine part of the weekend with his kid, which is noble, and what a bitch you would be to expect him to spend any of that time with you.  Maybe he would expect you to ask him out, with the going out subsequently never happening.  Maybe he would regularly check up on what you were doing, just for checking up but not to make any plans.  Maybe he will announce he is available and expect you to do the asking to meet up or something like that.  And after a long day of him working till 10pm,  he will deny that him wanting to ‘come over’ is nothing more than a booty call because that’s just the time he finished working and he wants to see you and in defense proclaim to be able to sleep next to you for a month without expecting sex. Fuck

Sigh.  Another one wolf.  Another one.  Fuck

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