Getting into good shape

I always wondered what it would feel like to have a neat body, that didn’t need to be tucked in tight in support garments to appear neat and firm.  One that didn’t need to be repositioned every 20 mins, adjusting this band and that belt, and then  pulling things out of fat folds.  The last time I was in that shape, I was probably 12 years old, and even then I thought I was a michelin man (body dysmorphia).  Soon I will know.


Farrah Gray came out of thin air and is full of hot air

Yes, ladies. You have been posting some insightful one liner’s on the backdrop of some inspirational image. So months later (today specifically) I decided to have a peek at his free pdf. It is poorly written, shows he knows nothing about women, and seems to expose himself as one those ‘boys’ not men, he talks about. So yes, This guy is a fake. And a cheap one too. He has a killer smile though…  Click on the photo to go to the expose’


Romeo where art thou

Don’t you hate it when some eligible gent tells you he’ll meet you on a Monday anytime you say, any place you say as long as you let him know a day before.  You are gracious enough on letting him know the Sunday before, as requested, that 10 am would be  good time.  To which he replies, that afternoon would be better because he is working a late shift.  And then the next morning and afternoon completely passes and you hear nothing, and then the douche has the nerve, with no apology, or explanation to text at 6pm to ask if you’ve had a nice day.  Don’t you hate it?

Don’t you hate it when a charming guy you’d met, calls you in the middle of the night to ask if he could get a cab to your place at 3am in the morning, after you told him, you not interested in doing the booty call thing.  Don’t you hate it.

Don’t you hate it when someone says they love you and then you accidentally run into them in multiple places and see them smooching with other women, and they say its not what it looks like? Don’t you hate it?

Don’t you hate it when a guy says he loves a strong independent woman, and then you never hear from him again, after he sees you mowing your own lawn?  Don’t you hate it?

I used to think I’m unlucky, meeting the worst of the lot.  But now I believe there are women out there making way more compromises than is fair.  Changing a lot of themselves to please men.  Being the damsel they never were before, to be ‘acceptable’.  All this new age preaching about working on yourself and being independent and self reliant before you can have a happy fulfilling relationship.  This scenario is as yet science fiction.  Men want a woman who are going to stroke their ego, and some body parts.  Nobody really considers what women want.  Women give men what they want.  Co-dependence is still the way to do it.  Pity for us who have already worked on ourselves and won’t change who we are for another person.