Best advice and templates for a DIY resume

Its time for me to change jobs, but My CV stinks.  Its amateur and tries too hard.  There’s a mega cesspool of advice out there on how to write a killer CV.  Much of this reeks of the assumption that potential employers will be impressed by pretentious over-inflated buzzwords that attempt to make you shine but I would imagine achieves the reverse.  The easy way out would be to have an option of working from a decent resume template, but quality and variety are few and far between, with most of the obviously available freely downloadable ones falling into the category of the overinflated buzzworld where one speaks of one’s impressive nothingnesses in third person.  But there’s hope, after much searching, I’ve found this website thats fantastic, providing detailed brilliant step by step advice on putting together your resume. Whats more, they also provide a wide variety of free templates for download and advise on when to use which type.  Brilliant for someone like me who hasn’t had much experience in the last few years applying for jobs.  Click on the image below to go there!how-to-write-a-great-resume-pin

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