The importance of goals

I know that I knew this before in theory, but today it struck me as I looked at my bank account and saw more money than I expected.  Realizing I could support my mum a bit more (something I was feeling worried about) and even pay off my apartment mortgage in the next 5 years.  I just suddenly felt the urge to plan it out so I could see it more clearly and play with the numbers and time frame.

I realize NOW what it means to set a goal.  I feel it in my bones.  A goal is something you actually want to achieve.  Not JUST that, you have to plan out in chunks of time and money steps, what you need to do to get there.  You have to want to and be able to do the things in your plan.  You  HAVE TO tackle those chunks systematically, AND track yourself.  If you do not do this, the chances are you WILL lose focus and get side tracked reacting on impulsive wants and desires.  This is the way I’ve been living really, not altogether irresponsibly, but with no clear direction.

Living without goals that you are actively working on and tracking is  like just walking off in blindly, changing directions hoping that you’ll like wherever you end up.  My dear, you could walk off a cliff, end up in the middle of a desert or a jungle, into a lion’s den, perhaps come across a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  Spent energy, spent resources, all watered down in all different directions.  In the end.  Nothing accomplished, at least nothing that you’d considered you actually wanted to do, unless you were one in a million lucky.  We only have so much time, we only have so much resources.  For most of us, our physical resources are limited.  Setting goals without a doubt maximises your potential and resources.

Now I realize that it works this way with everything aspect of life.  Achieving a goals does not involve the supernatural “ask the universe” process of hoping some overambitious dream will magically “manifest”.  Its about planning to accomplish something,  Creating an actual time trackable plan to get there, ACTUALLY working towards it by following the plan, AND tracking yourself along the way.

Today realizing I’ve actually already started working towards my goals in a haphazard way for a good many years.  But getting to them very slowly because of being sidetracked and not really understanding what my main priorities actually are.  So today I’ve put them down in a ms word doccie, with where I currently stand towards reaching them!  I will be tracking them at least monthly

Basically, the 2 goals I’ve written down:

  1. To pay off my mortgage in 3 to 5 years
  2. To buy an additional property within 5 years

Yes its all financial, but I will be applying this to the rest of my life as well!  Gosh, I feel like a newborn baby.


I’m sorry

But today I’m just fucking annoyed at a German lady who comes all the way in from her tourism job in Scotland to meet up with her long distance Zimbabwean boyfriend in South Africa to spend the whole 10 days cooking amazing meals for him, then clean up after him, while he either tries to charm whatever other women are around, or be busy doing something or other on his fone.  I’m just fucking annoyed.  I know what I’ll never accept, no dick is good enough to put up with that baloney.  Fucking women hey.


Men need supportive women, women are luckless in love.


The last year or so, something about successful relationships is becoming very clear to me.  A successful heterosexual relationship in general appears to consist of a man and a very supportive woman.  And by supportive I mean a woman who sacrifices herself, her own goals, and interests to focus on her man and what he wants.  And a good man will thrive in this situation.  He needs her to be weak in someways to make him feel strong and useful.  A woman in a relationship consequently loses herself.  Which I think, contrary to the popular, masculine patronizing, belief system is what leads to successful women being luckless in love because a stereotypical successful woman would not sacrifice herself.  I don’t believe that its the sarcasm, and rudeness that deters men.  I think that her independence makes her seem less supportive.  And yes, expecting a man to be man enough and secure in himself to not need her to make him her whole world is less supportive, but in a healthy way.  The problem, in my opinion is that a handful of strong woman have evolved up to now, and I’m sure also a handful of men, secure enough to suit these women, but the numbers are such that its rare to cross paths with each other.  This article kind of hits the nail on the head when it comes to how supportive women boosts her partner:

Too soon for sex?


So, you’re one of those guys who sees a woman as non-relationship worthy because she let you shag her, (by what you determine to be) too soon.  You’re an asshole.  I hope you end up with a boring corpse of a woman who doesn’t so much as twitch her hips when you’re lying on top of her in the only position she is willing to do it in.  And I hope when you go back to your ‘too quick to shag’ woman for a deliciously messy shag, you find an ice queen.  Fuck off and come back when you’ve evolved into something more intelligent.  Women love sex.  That was yesterdays news already.

Don’t be a useless woman

Women who act useless, well, my tolerance for them is becoming less and less.  It is because of them that in this advanced modern age, life is still shit for women.

Yesterday, in boxing class, some chic pitched up, quite late, nothing fashionable about being late by the way.  Its just plain disrespectful.  Hair loose, and lips painted red.  We were bouncing around at the time, those of us where on time, doing our best interpretation of Mohammad Ali’s ‘float like a butterfly’.  And she joined in doing something like this:

Can’t deal …

As if that’s not enough, the coach and the other guys were beside themselves for this chic who is too lazy to make an effort to be amazing.  She prefers to be weak, useless and pretty.  She hadn’t been to class for 2 weeks, and the coach says we should take her as an example, she hasn’t been to class, and is pushing herself.  Poor attendance, and definitely not pushing herself, and there’s nothing to be admired about that.  The coach’s reaction is what’s worse for me.  Reinforces what I think about men.  That’s what so disappointing.  I don’t have a crush on the coach, no, but it pisses me off because majority of huMANity are like him.  And women like me, have to sift through the lot of them, to find the rare gem who has graduated past the drama this guy describes here:

Anyway, I have news for that guy who wrote that load of crap.  You’re an idiot man.  You were attracted by the drama, and now you want it gone, i.e, you want the woman to change.  Go jump off a bridge, fuck off.  And as for keeping the long hair just because you like it.  Fuck you.  How about you keep the 6 pack you had when she met you, or develop a nice long penis, because she would prefer that to the little one you have.

So yes, we have to find the rare gems, who have graduated past all that chic(ken) shit, and are ready for a woman, strong in her own right, like mother nature intended.  No we are not perfect.  If you find us sarcastic, don’t judge us for that.  We have to witness this irritating male and female dynamics daily – man to the rescue of damsel in distress – and that’s enough to cause sarcasm in mother Theresa.  As for us not needing you being a turnoff: Why is there anything wrong with just being emotionally supportive from either side, man or woman.  Why is needing a man even an attractor.  As time goes on, a woman will need her man for more than just that, thats just the physiology of the relationship, and the man will need his woman more too.  But to judge off the bat that the woman doesn’t need anyone without even trying a relationship, that’s plain and simply immature.  You can go fuck off and go learn more life lessons before you try a real woman again.

I hate that feminine is synonymous with being physically weak, emotionally volatile, technically incompetent.  Feminine is synonymous with masking natural beauty under heavy make up, and smelling fake.  Pisses me off.

Getting into good shape

I always wondered what it would feel like to have a neat body, that didn’t need to be tucked in tight in support garments to appear neat and firm.  One that didn’t need to be repositioned every 20 mins, adjusting this band and that belt, and then  pulling things out of fat folds.  The last time I was in that shape, I was probably 12 years old, and even then I thought I was a michelin man (body dysmorphia).  Soon I will know.