Men need supportive women, women are luckless in love.


The last year or so, something about successful relationships is becoming very clear to me.  A successful heterosexual relationship in general appears to consist of a man and a very supportive woman.  And by supportive I mean a woman who sacrifices herself, her own goals, and interests to focus on her man and what he wants.  And a good man will thrive in this situation.  He needs her to be weak in someways to make him feel strong and useful.  A woman in a relationship consequently loses herself.  Which I think, contrary to the popular, masculine patronizing, belief system is what leads to successful women being luckless in love because a stereotypical successful woman would not sacrifice herself.  I don’t believe that its the sarcasm, and rudeness that deters men.  I think that her independence makes her seem less supportive.  And yes, expecting a man to be man enough and secure in himself to not need her to make him her whole world is less supportive, but in a healthy way.  The problem, in my opinion is that a handful of strong woman have evolved up to now, and I’m sure also a handful of men, secure enough to suit these women, but the numbers are such that its rare to cross paths with each other.  This article kind of hits the nail on the head when it comes to how supportive women boosts her partner:

Too soon for sex?


So, you’re one of those guys who sees a woman as non-relationship worthy because she let you shag her, (by what you determine to be) too soon.  You’re an asshole.  I hope you end up with a boring corpse of a woman who doesn’t so much as twitch her hips when you’re lying on top of her in the only position she is willing to do it in.  And I hope when you go back to your ‘too quick to shag’ woman for a deliciously messy shag, you find an ice queen.  Fuck off and come back when you’ve evolved into something more intelligent.  Women love sex.  That was yesterdays news already.