A dance story – 1. Stud on the dance floor

Tall he was, and thin, just the way I liked them.  Green eyes, pastel suit, and vintage tweed cap to match.  He sure was putting on a show, swirling and twirling that curly brunette.  His long leg up against a pillar, then on a chair, then on the stage.  Casually standing still in the middle of the dance floor.  A flickering ball of lights above bringing out the best of him as he spun his lady this way and that with imperceptible gestures. I could not take my eyes off him.  I had never seen anything like it before.  He was the kind of guy my mother should probably have warned me about.  But she never expected me to ever find myself in a club.  I was the good one in the family.  But I hadn’t been for a while now.

Best advice and templates for a DIY resume

Its time for me to change jobs, but My CV stinks.  Its amateur and tries too hard.  There’s a mega cesspool of advice out there on how to write a killer CV.  Much of this reeks of the assumption that potential employers will be impressed by pretentious over-inflated buzzwords that attempt to make you shine but I would imagine achieves the reverse.  The easy way out would be to have an option of working from a decent resume template, but quality and variety are few and far between, with most of the obviously available freely downloadable ones falling into the category of the overinflated buzzworld where one speaks of one’s impressive nothingnesses in third person.  But there’s hope, after much searching, I’ve found this website thats fantastic, providing detailed brilliant step by step advice on putting together your resume. Whats more, they also provide a wide variety of free templates for download and advise on when to use which type.  Brilliant for someone like me who hasn’t had much experience in the last few years applying for jobs.  Click on the image below to go there!how-to-write-a-great-resume-pin

Dear Tourist

Africa is fucken expensive for Africans. Remember that when you bargain with local people who are trying to make an honest buck with honest sweat. Bargaining is fine, but be reasonable. Do you really expect an African to subsidize you?

At the end of a long day, this lady

goes home to this:

The world on your doorstep


Back in the day, South African people fighting and longing for freedom wondered why the world didn’t care.  Now we know, because now WE don’t care.  Well, we say we do.  Like millions of people expressing their disgust at the lack of humanity shown by people captured unknowingly on a camera secretly filming them while they  shrug off a person posing as poor and homeless.  Yes, we behind the computer have the worst of judgement when dead babies wash up on beaches because the government of who knows where decided to stop rescue efforts.  This from the safe spot behind our computers.  But I ask you, what would you do if someone forced to flee their country in distress pitched up on your doorstep?  We are all guilty.

Happy birthday to me

This is somewhat of a crown birthday, a milestone.  My age finally matches my waistline. Grateful for a good life, good people.  For a healthy body and mind.  Life’s a piece of art in progress.  Lots of pieces put together, never perfect, jagged unmatched edges coming together in the end, with cracks.

Chobani’s founder Ulukaya donates $700 million to refugees


Hamdi Ulukaya Chobani’s founder Hamdi Ulukaya

By Ergulen Toprak

New York

The founder of Chobani Hamdi Ulukaya will donate most of his wealth, at least 700 million dollars, to help the Kurdish refugees as well as refugees from all around the world.

With his statement on Thursday, Ulukaya announced that he is going to join the Giving Pledge, the funding system the riches donate half or their wealth, by building a new foundation called Tent. “I have always planned to give most of what I had. Growing up, I watched my mother give to those who needed and it came from the most amazing place in her heart,” Ulukaya said.

One of the biggest American companies Chobani, founded in 2005, started making Greek-style yogurt in 2007, in Upstate New York. Within his family’s farming background, Ulukaya used his experiences to create a great opportunity to build Chobani.

Ulukaya said what brought him…

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On the modern world and blame shifting

I’d say the above poem gravely underestimates the what makes humans different from animals.  I am no expert.  But I am an on and off bulimic (been off for a few months already for those who are wondering).  Its not biological.  If it were, then cavemen would have suffered of body issues and eating disorders.  No, they didn’t have the luxury.  I’d say, this is an excuse to try to avoid feeling the shame at being responsible for what people who don’t have eating disorders would consider vile and ridiculous behavior.  At worst its psychological.  Meaning, we have the power to overcome it if we put our mind to it.  Too much of modern thinking involves shifting the blame to some magic factor eg “the energy is not right”, “Its in my genes”, in effect leaving it up to someone/something else to fix us, a doctor, a pill, a witch doctor, a priest etc.  We take no responsibility.  This mindset is symptomatic of modern Western society.  Its so ironic because we look down on ancient cultures when they look to “spirits” for answers and help, yet we do worse (by our own standards).  We know – or are able to know – so much, yet we have given up all control over ourselves and lives.  We pay OTHER people to make our (processed crap) food choices.  We rely on OTHER people to fix the damage we do to our bodies from eating bad and neglecting ourselves, We pay Doctors to fix the psychology of our heads.  In this, the age of abundant and free information, we are most unwilling to think for ourselves and use the thing that most separates us from the animal kingdom: the power of reasoning, analysis, and choice, to overcome psychological issues