God, if you exist, you must please forgive me in advance for this

I just saw this picture:


with the caption: Tanya “so and so” taking delivery of her NEW Kawasaki Ninja 300SE

And it comes to my mind that this is not a happy person.  Now God must please forgive me because my body is not in the best of shape, but when one is not happy, buying shiny looking new and expensive fast(ish) things do not make one happy or look any sexier, or be any more popular.  And worse even if one is putting one’s life in danger riding a thing that one’s bodysize makes it even more hazardous to control.  My tummy is the third the size of hers, and the heartburn alone, caused by the fuel tank against the tummy, made it a painful nightmare to ride one of those things.  After God forgives me can he please send this lady some common sense and help her to set her priorities straight and perhaps invest in healthier living instead of expensive quick methods of dying.  But nonetheless, if she wants to relinquish her share of the world’s oxygen (and especially also food) supply earlier than necessary, then so be it, and I thank her for that act of kindness.

Why I don’t to biker functions anymore

Because after a while, you start looking like shit.  And you start to date people who look like shit.  And not because you or he have been blessed with bad looks, but because y’all stopped giving a shit about taking care of yourself… because real bikers don’t give a shit about such petty things right … For some reason.  Yik teeth too.   Not even sunscreen or anything anymore, that would eat into your beer money.   And then you proudly announce to your mom on facebook that you can’t wait for her to meet this guy.  Who seems to have no clue about personal pride or appearance.  And I bet his underarms are smelling quite bad at this point.  Not to mention his underpants.