Don’t be a useless woman

Women who act useless, well, my tolerance for them is becoming less and less.  It is because of them that in this advanced modern age, life is still shit for women.

Yesterday, in boxing class, some chic pitched up, quite late, nothing fashionable about being late by the way.  Its just plain disrespectful.  Hair loose, and lips painted red.  We were bouncing around at the time, those of us where on time, doing our best interpretation of Mohammad Ali’s ‘float like a butterfly’.  And she joined in doing something like this:

Can’t deal …

As if that’s not enough, the coach and the other guys were beside themselves for this chic who is too lazy to make an effort to be amazing.  She prefers to be weak, useless and pretty.  She hadn’t been to class for 2 weeks, and the coach says we should take her as an example, she hasn’t been to class, and is pushing herself.  Poor attendance, and definitely not pushing herself, and there’s nothing to be admired about that.  The coach’s reaction is what’s worse for me.  Reinforces what I think about men.  That’s what so disappointing.  I don’t have a crush on the coach, no, but it pisses me off because majority of huMANity are like him.  And women like me, have to sift through the lot of them, to find the rare gem who has graduated past the drama this guy describes here:

Anyway, I have news for that guy who wrote that load of crap.  You’re an idiot man.  You were attracted by the drama, and now you want it gone, i.e, you want the woman to change.  Go jump off a bridge, fuck off.  And as for keeping the long hair just because you like it.  Fuck you.  How about you keep the 6 pack you had when she met you, or develop a nice long penis, because she would prefer that to the little one you have.

So yes, we have to find the rare gems, who have graduated past all that chic(ken) shit, and are ready for a woman, strong in her own right, like mother nature intended.  No we are not perfect.  If you find us sarcastic, don’t judge us for that.  We have to witness this irritating male and female dynamics daily – man to the rescue of damsel in distress – and that’s enough to cause sarcasm in mother Theresa.  As for us not needing you being a turnoff: Why is there anything wrong with just being emotionally supportive from either side, man or woman.  Why is needing a man even an attractor.  As time goes on, a woman will need her man for more than just that, thats just the physiology of the relationship, and the man will need his woman more too.  But to judge off the bat that the woman doesn’t need anyone without even trying a relationship, that’s plain and simply immature.  You can go fuck off and go learn more life lessons before you try a real woman again.

I hate that feminine is synonymous with being physically weak, emotionally volatile, technically incompetent.  Feminine is synonymous with masking natural beauty under heavy make up, and smelling fake.  Pisses me off.