On the modern world and blame shifting

I’d say the above poem gravely underestimates the what makes humans different from animals.  I am no expert.  But I am an on and off bulimic (been off for a few months already for those who are wondering).  Its not biological.  If it were, then cavemen would have suffered of body issues and eating disorders.  No, they didn’t have the luxury.  I’d say, this is an excuse to try to avoid feeling the shame at being responsible for what people who don’t have eating disorders would consider vile and ridiculous behavior.  At worst its psychological.  Meaning, we have the power to overcome it if we put our mind to it.  Too much of modern thinking involves shifting the blame to some magic factor eg “the energy is not right”, “Its in my genes”, in effect leaving it up to someone/something else to fix us, a doctor, a pill, a witch doctor, a priest etc.  We take no responsibility.  This mindset is symptomatic of modern Western society.  Its so ironic because we look down on ancient cultures when they look to “spirits” for answers and help, yet we do worse (by our own standards).  We know – or are able to know – so much, yet we have given up all control over ourselves and lives.  We pay OTHER people to make our (processed crap) food choices.  We rely on OTHER people to fix the damage we do to our bodies from eating bad and neglecting ourselves, We pay Doctors to fix the psychology of our heads.  In this, the age of abundant and free information, we are most unwilling to think for ourselves and use the thing that most separates us from the animal kingdom: the power of reasoning, analysis, and choice, to overcome psychological issues