Don’t be content with lies: Happiness is improbable when you are in bad physical condition. Happiness is waking up in the morning with zest for life, feeling tip top, light in your step, bright in the mind, fresh from the inside out!

who lives this better than Ernestine!

who lives this better than Ernestine Shepard!

Getting into good shape

I always wondered what it would feel like to have a neat body, that didn’t need to be tucked in tight in support garments to appear neat and firm.  One that didn’t need to be repositioned every 20 mins, adjusting this band and that belt, and then  pulling things out of fat folds.  The last time I was in that shape, I was probably 12 years old, and even then I thought I was a michelin man (body dysmorphia).  Soon I will know.


Men and body weight

I think these two things are kind of related to each other when it comes to women. It seems to be the two issues that are constant in our lives, from beginning to end. We are consumed with it our whole life. Not to say we are superficial, because we really aren’t. When we disappoint ourselves in both of these departments, we waste a lot of time, sometimes months, even years, feeling low on hope and confidence. Are we cursed by our genetic makeup? Or is it a learnt thing? How can we overcome this? There really is so much more we could spend our precious time, energy and mind power on.