Nape Pasha allegedly involved in fatal hit and run – A South African Story

I never knew about Nape Phasha.  Until today that is.  I found out about him when I came across this post in my news feed on facebook.

The comments on that post start out quite racist.  Firstly, for no reason, the witness (presumably a white South African) points out that its a black guy who drove the car that  hit the biker.  No real reason to point out the colour, but well, he does.  Then immediately, all the suspicions in the comments after that that it must be a stolen vehicle, or that they hope its not a stolen vehicle which would make identifying the perpertrator nearly impossible.  Well of course, because such a fancy car cannot be owned by the black person who drove it.

Later of course the tale takes a twist.  Some commenters have access to tracing the registration to the owners of the car and turns out to belong to the Phasha family.  Somewhat famous because their son Nate Phasha appeared on this Rich Kids reality thing, which I of course have never heard of before as I don’t have Satellite tv, and wouldn’t be watching that kind of thing anyway even if I had.  So all of a sudden the commenting takes a twist for the bitter.  The little bastard, and the cop files will get lost now because money wins etc.  Which may not be altogether unfounded.  Please South Africa, train your cops more, pay your cops  more, give your cops more counselling, and police your cops more so that less of that kind of shit happens.

Well, as is normal, curiosity overtakes me and I want to know more about this family, and how they got to be so rich.  So I find his mum’s twitter and her facebook, and his dad’s facebook and of course Nape’s facebook.  Man, the mum and son are damn fine.  He of course is just a normal young man, albeit typically ‘rich kid’.  Someone you might actually like to hang out with, especially if you’re into looking fine and taking selfies of yourself looking fine.  The mum looks like she could be her son’s girlfriend.  In a very good way.  And definitely no plastic surgery.  She is just naturally so.  Kiss  my ass hollywood.  She doesn’t seem very deep and bright on her twitter and facebook accounts though.

Then of course I came across their company website, and I realize, the answer to the question ‘how can this be?’ probably is that they have some connections for government tenders.  I would take tenders too if I had the chance.  That’s human nature.  I know I am not above that.  From my layperson’s investigative viewpoint, I think they started out years ago (1987) with a normal minibus taxi transport business, and then later, when democracy came, they had the right connections to be set up with a more high profile transport tender, and then later on they added on a construction company, a cleaning company, school modernization company, safety equipment company, security company, waste management company.  I think these were also tender connections.  I don’t know if I would be confident enough to take on all of that, but I don’t say I wouldn’t be tempted if offered.

Its a story that’s South African in the very present sense.  And shows alot of cracks in our society.  Cracks that are widening to separate us even more economically, and along ridiculously archaic skin colour definitions.

Its never  nice for any family of any economic level to go through such a thing.  And its never nice to die in a motorbike crash, especially when the person who hit you was blatantly disobeying the law.  Almost all of us disobey the law.  Its a case of extremely unlucky when, while doing so, you knock someone/something, especially if you hurt/kill or get hurt/killed.  Lets hope the system works for justice for all.  Lets leave race out of this.

Disclaimer:  This is is all my viewpoint, and assumptions based on my own Google and social media investigation.  I don’t claim anything to be factual.  Just my interpretation.  If I am wrong, or offensive, I apologize in advance.  I am only human unfortunately.