The illuminati

These days, I find myself hearing more and more about the illuminati and their conspiracy to take over the world.  Famous people, movie stars and music artists are producing devilish productions and flashing hand signs and and other shmite around openly showing their affiliation with this mega powerful secret organization that controls the world, killing all who attempt to remove themselves from the club and speak up about it.  So, while this may or may  not be a real thing, I must say, there are a lot of hand signs and other symbolism and imagery flying around, sometimes literally.  But … I mean.  It just reminds me of when I was little and between one of two of my girlfriends we’d start a ‘club’, and part of that process was to get other girls to join our club.  We’d choose a tree to be our club house, and during lunch breaks we’d gather under that tree and keep ourselves busy with our self-made activity books which included word searches, coloring in pictures, and corny jokes.  And then after a week, a rivalry would erupt within the club and one of the friends would start another club and take half or more or less of the members over.  And there would be like a cold war between the clubs.  Its cute.


Ok so maybe its not like this really because there is supposed to be money and incredible power over the world involved with people having allegedly died for standing against it.  The oddest thing for me about it in this day and age is that they use devilish symbolism.  From the old belief in the devil.  These uber modern folk.  And what that’s supposed to accomplish I’m not sure.  I guess maybe to win them sponsors and networking partners.  Ok, I’m not sure where I’m going with this, but I think the part that makes this successful, is that we, who do not necessarily identify with the devilish things, reward all their investments by falling for the glitz and glam and trendy devilishness, and throw our hard earned pennies at them, making the club more and more wealthy and powerful.  So I guess they are just cashing in on our sheepish stupidity.